2nd Amendment Legal Action

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SAF Case Asks Whether Cities Can Ban Gun Stores
SAF Case Considers Additional Chicago Gun Restrictions After McDonald.
Challenge to Illinois’ Application of Criminal Statutes Already Ruled Unconstitutional.
SAF Sues California Attorney General Over Waiting Period Statute.
Challenge to Arkansas prohibition on CCW by legal resident aliens.
Challenge to New York ban on magazines with more than 7 cartridges.
Challenge to Seattle refusal of documents concerning the city’s buyback program.
Challenge to Alameda County gun shop permit requirements.
Challenge to NM law barring CCW permits for legal resident aliens.
Challenge to Chicago’s gun range prohibition based on 1st and 2nd Amendment
SAF and CalGuns have filed an amicus curiae brief in Peruta v. San Diego County
Challenge to ban on interstate handgun sales
Challenge to New York City’s excessive gun permit fees
Drake v. Maenza
(formerly Piszczatoski v. Maenza) (formerly Muller v. Maenza)
Challenge to New Jersey Officials permit denials
Amicus brief filed in Nordyke case; argues for strict scrutiny
SAF Sues District of Columbia over Carrying of Handguns
Richards v. Prieto (formerly Sykes v. McGinness)
SAF Challenges Arbitrary Denial of Right to Bear Arms in California
SAF Challenges California Handgun Ban Scheme
Dearth v. Holder (formerly Hodgkins v. Holder)
SAF Sues Eric Holder Over Gun Rights of Non-resident American Citizens