This is very troubling. Here is a sneak peek into Joe Biden’s anti-gun rights agenda.

This is an actual draft of the Democratic National Committee Platform just released. Make no mistake about it, if Joe Biden wins in November and the Democrats get control of the U.S. Senate this will be the new reality!

And believe me, this is just the beginning of the gun prohibition movement’s agenda to finally destroy our Second Amendment rights.
I need your help now. By November it will be too late.

e must be prepared to educate every gun owner about this catastrophic threat to their gun rights and have the funds on hand to file a slew of lawsuits to stop our Bill of Rights from being shredded.

And we must have the funds on hand do it before the dam bursts and our rights are washed away.


By then it will be too late. The gun confiscation movement funded by billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros will already be in full control of our government.

In record time they will transform our right to keep and bears arms into gun ban and confiscation laws like exist in England, New Zealand, Cuba and Venezuela.

Once our rights are lost we won’t get them back.

The time to act is now. Please share this email with every freedom loving friend and family member you have.

And please make a critical contribution to the Second Amendment Foundation today.

We must have the ammunition to defend our rights now.

Donate now so that our Bill of rights might live. The gun rights you save will be your own!

There is no time to waste.

Sincerely yours,

Alan Gottlieb


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