Do you care about your gun rights?

Black Robes Matter!

Like it or not, the Courts have the final say whether you have gun rights or not.

I know this first hand. The Second Amendment Foundation’s legal cases have accounted for about 80% of the case law that protects your individual right to keep and bear arms.

From our Amicus involvement in the Supreme Court Heller decision affirming your individual Second Amendment Right and our role as a plaintiff in the McDonald Supreme Court victory that incorporated and extended that right through the 14th Amendment to all fifty states and U.S. Territories…

…And I also know first hand how important it is who wears the “Black Robes” and makes these important rulings that affect your gun rights and mine.

These precedent-setting cases not only overturned the Washington, D.C. and Chicago gun bans but set the foundation for all of our critical legal work to follow.

That’s why I really need your help today. 

The Second Amendment Foundation must immediately launch our Judicial Accountability Project. I will tell you more about it in a minute.

But first, you need to know that there are a near record number of vacancies on our Federal Courts.

President Donald Trump will be able to reshape the judicial system by filling an estimated current 112 court vacancies.

This number, which does not include the opening on the U.S. Supreme Court, is almost double the 54 open judicial openings President Barack Obama had when he took over eight years ago.

And once the GOP took control of the Senate in 2015, confirmation of Obama’s anti-gun judicial nominees was slowed.

Now, as a Republican President with Republican control of the U.S. Senate, Donald Trump will be able to make lifetime appointments to the bench, who will decide on issues including local, state and federal gun control laws.

President Trump will be responsible for appointing a greater share of federal court judges than any first-term president in 40 years, in large part because of a growing number of older judges and a stack of vacancies on the federal courts.

We must make sure that he nominates ONLY people that will respect, preserve and expand our Second Amendment Rights.

That is why the SAF Judicial Accountability Project is so vitally important.

It is estimated that President Trump will appoint 38% of all judges on the federal bench.

Currently, 112 of the 870 authorized judgeships with lifetime appointments remain vacant – 33 have been vacant for more than two years.

The Second Amendment Foundation has over 30 active cases filed or ready to file in the federal courts. Two, in fact, might be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in their next term.

Who wears these “Black Robes” really does matter to you and our Second Amendment Rights.

Now, let me explain our Judicial Accountability Project. 

The Gun Rights Movement must be able to fully vet every individual being considered for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. There is no other organization better able to do this than the Second Amendment Foundation.

That is why many gun rights activists and pro-gun civil rights attorneys and legal scholars have asked us to take the lead.

But without your help, we will never have the funds to make the Judicial Accountability Project a success.

We need to raise a minimum of $365,000 in the first year alone to add staff and pay for outside research on hundreds of individuals that could impact our right to keep and bear arms for generations to come.

This is not something that we could have ever imagined to budget for.

But this is the most important project that you and I could do over the next four years to protect, preserve and extend our Second Amendment Rights.

That is why I must ask you to make a much needed tax-deductible contribution to the Second Amendment Foundation today. We have zero margins for error or time to spare.

Policy makers in the White House and the U.S. Senate are counting on us. They have their hands full with hundreds of other legislative issues and cannot devote the needed time to do this important and time-sensitive work on their own.

The future of our right to keep and bear arms depends on what we do today.

Remember, groups like the Brady Center to Eradicate Firearms, Everytown for Gun Control, Moms Demand Attention, and the Legal Community Against Gun Ownership hope you will not respond to this urgent appeal.

Please help disappoint them.

With your help, we can make this once in a lifetime chance to cement our firearms freedom into a lasting monument to our Founding Father’s Second Amendment vision.

I need you to reply to the Judicial Accountability Project Reply link today.

I have already set this critical project in motion and need to know that you have my back. Thanks in advance!

Yours for Freedom,

                        Alan M. Gottlieb
Founder and Executive Vice President

P.S. – Our opponents know that “Black Robes” matter. That is why Billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are already funding anti-gun rights organizations that they control with millions of dollars to attack pro-gun rights nominees to our federal courts.

SAF doesn’t have Billionaire support. All we have is you!

Protect Your Rights Now!

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