Journal on Firearms & Public Policy

The Center for the Study of Firearms and Public Policy was established in 1988 by the Second Amendment Foundation. Its primary purpose was to publish The Journal on Firearms and Public Policy. The goal of this project was to expand the audience who had access to legal, economic, historical and other scholarly research about the Second Amendment.

Dr. Edward F. Leddy, who was one of the prime movers behind the Journal served as editor for the first four issues. In 1993, Julianne Versnel assumed the role of editor for one year before becoming its Publisher. David B. Kopel, J.D. became its editor in 1994. In 2011, Dr. Gary Mauser became the editor.

It has been the Second Amendment Foundation’s privilege to distribute over 100,000 print copies of the Journal on Firearms and Public Policy as well as offer significant access to them electronically over the years.

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