JFPP Table of Contents

journal Article Author PDF
1 State Constitutions: The Right to Bear Arms  State Constitutions PDF
1 The Right of the Individual to Bear Arms Caplan PDF
1 The Bill of Rights and the Military Warren PDF
1 Standing Armies and Armed Citizens Weatherup PDF
1 Historical Development and Subsequent Erosion Whisker PDF
1 The Right to Bear Arms  Levin  PDF
2 The Federalist Papers PDF
2 Can the Second Amendment Survive Halsey PDF
2 The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Santee PDF
2 Gun Control Legislation Mosk PDF
2 To Keep and Bear Arms Halbrook PDF
2 The Right to Have and Use Arms Under 2nd and 3rd Amendments Caplan PDF
3 The Embarrassing Second Amendment Levinson PDF
3 Law Enforcement Lobbying Blackman PDF
3 Gun Control Jeopardizes All Constitutional Rights Caplan PDF
3 The Battle over Gun Control Kates PDF
3 Trust the People Kopel PDF
3 Guns, Politics and Reason Stell PDF
3 Gun-making as A Cottage Industry Chandler PDF
4 Why Waiting Periods threaten Safety Kopel PDF
4 The Costs of Using Gun Control Lizotte PDF
4 The Misconception of the American’s Citizen’s Palmiotto PDF
4 The Right to Possess Arms Bordenet PDF
4 The Text of the 2nd Amendment Schulman PDF
5 The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments Halbrook PDF
5 The Assault Weapon Panic Kopel PDF
5 The Second Amendment and the Histography Hardy PDF
5 The Role of the Militia Malcolm PDF
5 The Right to Keep and Bears Arms in the State Bills of Rights Dowlutt PDF
6 A Nation of Cowards Snyder PDF
6 Sorry Wrong Number Mauser/Kopel PDF
6 The Sporting Purpose Covey PDF
6 The Right of the People or the Power of the State Halbrook PDF
6 The Tragedy at Waco Blackman PDF
7 The Second Amendment and the Personal Right Van Alystyne PDF
7 The Federal Factoid Blackman PDF
7 The Second Amendment : Toward and Afro American Reconsideration  Cottrol/Diamond PDF
7 Ethical Problems of Mass Murder Coverage Cramer PDF
7 Personal Security/14th Amendment Halbrook PDF
8 The Second Amendment and States Rights Reynolds/Kates PDF
8 Gun Control and Economic Discrimination Funk PDF
8 The Rite to Arms Harke PDF
8 A Tale of Three Cities Kopel/Cramer/Hattrup PDF
9 The Wheel-Lock Gun Arnold PDF
9 Using Speculation to Meet Evidence Kleck PDF
9 The Rodney King Syndrome McLaughlin/Smith PDF
9 The Militia Movement  Williams PDF
9 Gun Control: Will it Work? Buckner PDF
9 Characteristics of Automatic or Semiautomatic Firearms Hemenway/Richardson PDF
9 What the Doctor Orders Sullum PDF
9 Toward an Annotated Bibliography Kates PDF
10 The Politics of Firearms Registration in Canada Mauser PDF
10 The Uses and Limitation of BATF Blackman PDF
10 Gun Terrence Hypothesis Kleck PDF
10 Brady or Not? Lasseigne PDF
10 Ideological and Civil Liberties Implications of the Public Health Kessler PDF
11 Comprehensive Bibliography Kopel PDF
11 Armed Self-Defense: The Canadian Case Mauser PDF
11 Degrading Scientific Standards Kleck PDF
11 Lott’s More Guns and Other Fallacies McClurg PDF
11 A Systematic Approach to Controlling Firearms Markets Vizzard PDF
12 Even Deadly Force David Caplan PDF
12 Loss of Institutional Memory and the Diminution of Liberty Ted Goldman PDF
12 The Political Culture of Contemporary American Liberalism and Firearms Prohibition Roy Wortman PDF
12 The Political Economy of Gun Control: An Analysis of Senatorial Votes on the 1993 Brady Bill Jody Lipford PDF
12 The Supreme Court’s Thirty-five Other Gun Cases: What the Supreme Court has Said About the Second Amendment David Kopel PDF
12 The Emperor Has No Clothes: Using Interrupted Time Series Designs to Evaluate Social Policy Impact Kleck/Britt/Bordua PDF
13 Absolutist Politics in a Moderate Package: Prohibitionist Intentions of the Gun Control Movement Gary Kleck PDF
13 Off-Target: Gun Control in Canada Gary Mauser PDF
13 Penetrating the Web of Official Lies Regarding the Waco Incident Hardy/Kimball PDF
13 Armed America: Firearms Ownership and Hunting in America Clayton Cramer PDF
13 Policy Research and Policy Initiative: The Case of “Gun Control” Dr. Paul Blackman PDF
14 Exposing the Second Amendment: Federal Preemption of State Militia Legislation Norman Heath PDF
14 Research Agenda on Guns, Violence, and Gun Control Gary Kleck PDF
14 Missing Guns: Are the Canada Firearms Centre Estimates Off-Target? Mays/Riddell PDF
14 Trigger Happy: Rethinking the “Weapons Effect” Gallant/Eisner PDF
14 Gun Control Around the World: Lessons to Learn Gary Mauser PDF
14 Lock, Stock and Barrel: Civil Liability for Allowing Unauthorized Access to Firearms Andrew McClurg PDF
15 The Second Amendment and Global Gun Control Alonso PDF
15 A Billion Dollars Later: The Canadian Firearms Act,
Webster PDF
15 Instrumentality and Wounds in Civilian Homicides in Savannah: 1896 to 1903 & 1986 to 1993 McLaughlin PDF
15 The Highest Possible Generality: The Militia and Moral Philosophy in Enlightenment Scotland Heath PDF
15 Wrongs and Rights: Britain’s Firearms Control Legislation at Work Phillips PDF
15 Christians and Guns Stagnaro PDF
15 Legal Scholarship 2003 Kirk PDF
15 Survey of Federal Right to Keep and Bear Arms Cases since 2000 McCoskey/Warf PDF
16 Colonial Firearm Regulation Cramer PDF
16 Conflicts Between State Firearms Statutes and Municipal Ordinances: A Digest of Cases and Attorney General  Opinions Woolley PDF
16 The Failed Experiment : Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales Mauser PDF
16 Gun Control in England: The Tarnished Gold Standard Malcolm PDF
16 Mapping the U.S. Gun Culture: A Content Analysis of Gun Magazines Jacobs/Villaronga PDF
16 Recent Legal Scholarship on the Second Amendment Gottlieb PDF
16 The Roman Legal Treatment of Self Defense and the Private Possession of Weapons in the Codex Justinianus Tysee PDF
16 The Wild West Down Under: Comparing American and Australian Expressions of Gun Enthusiasm Kohn PDF
17 Evaluating Canada’s 1995 Firearms Legislation Mauser PDF
17 Citizens in Arms: The Swiss Experience Halbrook PDF
17 The Mechanisms of the Slippery Slope Volokh PDF
17 Blacks, Gun Cultures, and Gun Control: T.R.M. Howard, Armed Self-Defense, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi Beito & Beito PDF
17 Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law: Practical Applications and Possible Revisions Redmond PDF
17 The Religious Roots of the American Revolution and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Kopel PDF
18 Small Arms Control and the United Nations Buchanan et al. PDF
18 Postmodernism and the Model Pinal Code v. The Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments—and the Castle Privacy Doctrine in the Twenty-First Century Caplan & Caplan PDF
18 The Consumer Federation of America’s Case for Gun Safety Regulations Nemerov PDF
18 The Firearms Safety and Consumer Protection Act Wilson PDF
19 Federal Appellate Cases 2003-2006 Cooke PDF
19 The District of Columbia Gun Ban: Where the Seductive Promise of Gun Control Meets Reality Endorf PDF
19 Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? A Review of International and Some Domestic Evidence Kates & Mauser PDF
19 Armed Resistance to the Holocaust Kopel PDF
20 A Heller Overview Kopel PDF
20 Friends of the Second Amendment: A Walk Through the Amicus Briefs in D.C. v. Heller Shapiro PDF
21 The Development of the British Faith in Strict Gun Control Bernard PDF
21 Prohibition without a Law: Gun Control in Italian History from the Roman Age to Fascism Gentile PDF
21 “Arms in the Hands of Jews Are a Danger to Public Safety”: Nazism, Firearm Registration, and the Night of the Broken Glass Halbrook PDF
21 How Not to Study the Effect of Gun Levels on Violence Rates Kleck PDF
21 Factual Errors by Gun Control Organizations in the Public Debate Nemerov PDF
22 Friends of the Second Amendment: A Walk through the Amicus Briefs in McDonald v. Chicago Shapiro PDF
23 Do the New Zealand firearm control laws impact upon firearm misuse, and upon firearm use? Forsyth PDF
23 Self-Defence in England: Not Quite Dead Malcolm PDF
23 Ten Myths about Firearms Violence in Canada Mauser PDF
23 An Econometric Evaluation of the Impact of Method Restriction on Suicide Rates among Australians aged 45 and Over McPhedran & Baker PDF
23 The Gun as a Symbol of Evil: Exaggerated Perceptions of Firearms Violenceas a Media Artifact Patrick & Hart PDF
23 What We Can Learn from Britt v. State: How Overcriminalization Is Eroding a Fundamental Right Styles PDF
23 The American Revolutionary Era Origin of the Second Amendment’s Clauses Young PDF
24 The Not So Slippery Slope: Canada Abandons the Long-Gun Registry Mauser PDF
24 Restrictive Firearms Laws Mauser PDF
25 Of Arms, Freedom, and Capitalism: What Piers Morgan Does Not Know Breiterman PDF
25 The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty: A Process, Not An Event Bromund PDF
25 Violence Policy Center’s Concealed Carry Killers: Less Than It Appears Cramer PDF
25 Testimony of David T. Hardy Before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary: Regarding The Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, S. 150 Hardy PDF
25 Bearing Arms In Self Defense: A Natural Law Perspective Hsaio PDF
25 United Nations Inter-Agency Small Arms Control Standards Development: A Case Study In Troubled Transnational Gun Control & Civil Disarmament Policymaking? Moran PDF
26 The Canadian Long-Gun Registry: A Preliminary Evaluation Mauser PDF
26 Firearms Homicide in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand: What can we learn from long-term international comparisons? McPhedran, Baker, Singh PDF
26 Opinion in Palmer v. District of Columbia PDF
26 Opinion in Silvester v. Harris PDF
26 Negroes and the Gun, the black tradition of arms by Nicholas Johnson Mauser PDF
27 The Heller Decision PDF
27 The McDonald Decision: Alito PDF
27 The McDonald Decision: Thomas PDF
27 Moore v. Madigan Decision PDF
27 Palmer v. D.C. Decision PDF
Other Right to Keep and Bear Arms is Older than Second Amendment Glassen PDF
Other The Right to Bear Arms: A Reply Cantrell PDF
Other The Right to Bar Arms Mann PDF
Other Self Defense and Handgun Ownership Silver/Kates PDF
Other Bullets, Blades and Black Belts WORKING ON Hummel PDF
Other Law Abiding One Man Armies Northwood PDF
Other Untitled Kessler PDF
Other Guns for Self Defense Zimring PDF
Other On Proletariat Militia Lenin PDF
Other Ideology and Gun Control Kessler PDF
Other Can the Second Amendment Survive? Halsey PDF
Other Pistol Regulations Frederick PDF


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